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Profiles 2017 Now Available!

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We are now accepting orders for the Class of 2017 Profiles Database!

We invite you to join the more than 400 other physician recruiters who have successfully placed our physicians over the past 18 years.

Secure access to the most comprehensive, up-to-date, and accurate pre-sourced physicians to quickly fill your open positions.

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In-house Recruiters contact Linda Kershaw, outside firms please contact Shane Hollander or BeBe O'Shea.

Profiles Class of 2016

There are still plenty of great job-seeking physicians available in Profiles Class of 2016! You can ensure that you have access to the largest, most accurate database of graduating, job-seeking physicians available anwhere by ordering today.

Contact Profiles today to ask about our end of year special pricing!

Welcome to Profiles

Your Trusted Resource for In-Depth Recruitment Information on Graduating Physicians since 1998.

Welcome to Profiles where graduating physicians information is at your fingertips. We have contact with over 90% of all graduating resident and fellowship trained physicians in the United States. Imagine how much time that can save you just by simply having our information readily available.

Subscribers to Profiles Database input their own search criteria within our easy to use database and then begin to analyze and contact the doctors that have matched their search results. This is as targeted an approach as there is available today. Simply point and click your way to the available, active job seeking physician candidates.

Our staff of sourcing professionals has interviewed each and every physician in our database system. These are the most realistic job seekers in the physician marketplace and you can have them simply by subscribing. The physicians have given us their own personal information so you (the end user) can easily find, contact, interview and hire without any placement fees.

Profiles Database has made the arduous job of Physician Recruiting into a more scientific yet understandable process. If you need physician candidates for an open position, just enter your search criteria and hit search!

If you have never used Profiles Database, call today for a quick demonstration and see why we have become the source for graduating physicians seeking employment.

What Can Profiles Do For You?

Finding physician candidates in a very competitive recruiting environment can be a daunting task. Profiles is ‘the source’ for the available, soon to graduate, job-seeking physician candidates. Since 1998, Profiles has been offering solutions for job openings within the physician recruitment industry. Having our information has helped hundreds of recruiters locate and secure physicians across the United States. All the information is live and on-line, in an innovative, web-based database designed for ease of use while providing valuable detailed recruitment information on the graduating residents and fellows.

Here is what you will find in Profiles:

All Information has been given to our staff directly from the Physicians themselves

We obtain:

  • Personal Contact Information – Physician Email Address, Physician Home Phone, Physician Mobile Phone, Physician Mailing Address
  • Geographical Preferences
  • Practice Type Preferences
  • Educational Background
  • Spousal Information
  • And Much More

How Is Profiles Different?

We take an experienced approach by going directly to the physicians. We seek out the physicians directly to insure a more complete coverage of each specialty. Our sourcing staff is located in our office in St. Peters, Missouri. Unlike other sourcing and data products, we do not use foreign call centers or web-spiders to obtain information. We have a direct conversation with each and every Profiles candidate. This may be much more time consuming and costly, but it ensures accurate information on every physician, which means far better results for physician recruiters.